Where’s your computer’s bottleneck?

I’m pretty sure that more than once we have all been working on something on our computers and noticed that for no apparent reason the computer seems to work slower than usual…

Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to see what’s draining your computer for power and not just is it hardware or software but being able to pinpoint the exact component and which software program is doing it

Moo0’s System Monitor does all of this in real-time, the component or program  that is acting up gets highlighted in red and it also shows you some handy performance info about your computer, have a look at the screenshot below and you can see we managed to get a bottleneck in one of our HDD’s by random opening and closeing the Google Chrome browser

(Picture: Nordic-vikings.net)

Download Moo0’s System Monitor here…

And for those of you that have noticed the stack of pictures in the background, yes we use Bumptop and love it



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