What is Compress Old Files

compress_old_filesCompress Old Files is a feature of the Disk Cleanup tool (cleanmgr.exe). Most think of it as a folder, but it’s not. It’s an action.
What it does is to run a compression scheme to make old files take less disk space.
Whenever you see a file that are displayed with a blue colour in Windows Explorer, you see a “Compress Old File”.
This wasn’t a bad idea when hard drives were small and expensive, but it’s not such a good idea today.
The files that benefit most from compression are files like Microsoft Office files (and these are already compressed as standard when saved in the new Office 2007 and above), and OpenOffice file formats.
The files that take up most space like sound, image and video files with extensions such as jpg, mp3 and mkv have already been compressed. Trying to compress them further takes a long time and they usually ends up larger than they were before.

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