What happened to Qwiki.com??



For those of you who remember qwiki it was; amazing, beautiful, creative, futuristic, awesome, and just almost perfect!

But what happened?
Suddenly they got locked up and removed search ability on their website. All the amazing “knowledge based” articles ALOT of people increased their knowledge on just disappeared, and they turned all blog’ish and ONLY for iphone.

I will never forget the demonstration they gave at TechCrunch in 2010. What was burned into my mind was that little clip they had from the movie “Wall-E” where the captain says “Define Earth” and get’s highly excited. That was my first reaction as well, and i believe im not alone.
That new and fun creative way of getting information and learn new things was so much easier with qwiki because it was in visuals and had an amazing voice engine. Many nights have gone by sitting in front of qwiki getting even more amazed article after article.


We spoke to some of the iphone users out there who we know used to use the qwiki site the old way. They had all tried the new app, but got very dissapointed of the way they now operates in. They all reported back to us that they missed the old knowledge articles. The beautiful visual blogs that they could create was a great feature, but was not the reason they got the application. And why only for iphone? Will this be avalible on Android and windows phone?


So for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look at this awesome presentation.

So, please Doug and Louis, if you read this;
Please let us have that amazing, and easy way of learning back again. It is deeply missed by ALOT of people.


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