We give away free Bitcoins

20131231bitcoinfaucetWe have released our own Free Bitcoin Faucet!

It is connected to Microwallet which is a service that connects multiple faucets together.

Here’s an example.
There are a lot of faucets out there throwing away a tiny share of coins.
Some of them are big enough to support them selves, and some of them are small.
The small ones are often connected to a bigger system that combines them.

Say Amanda goes to one of the big faucets. She claims her share which are stored in that faucets temporary wallet before it gets payed out. Usually she would have to wait until she reach a certain amount before they send the payment to her Bitcoin address. But the thing is that she will have to wait until the timer runs out before she can claim again from that same faucet.

Our faucet has a timer as well, but what’s great about the fact that we are connected to a bigger system is that you can run off to the next faucet that is connected to the same system after claiming your amount from us.

We are planning on increasing the claim amount after a short while. We want to see how this goes first for a small period.
Please support this give-away by clicking the ads on that page after you have claimed. Nothing else, just a click.

Please visit the link at the top, or click here.

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