We do in fact like link back’s

This is not a rant of any sort just my opinion on a certain subject…

It has come to our atention that a major publication here in Norway seem to be freeloading on our articles without giving credit or linkbacks.

OK so we are small, and they are big but can a site become so big that they don’t need to atleast linkback or mention they’re sources anymore?

The reason we suspect this is we recently posted about the SEGA toilets, this story was about one year old so it’s not news but we liked the story and posted it anyway. Suddenly the same story pops up on a rather large news site here in Norway, we’re not going to name the elephant in the corner but if you know you have done this with stuff from our site or some other site this one goes out to you

Let’s be honest this happenes all the time, but think how much better for all parties the future will be if we help each other spread the knowledge i.e link back to your source or at least mention where you picked up on this

It goes without saying that this is not something we can prove in any way but it seems a bit odd to us that’s all.

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