Update from the Windows Phone world

I’we had the phone for 4 days now and I still keep finding things I like but also a few things that bugs me. Most of the things that bug me was things I expected but there is one thing I didn’t see coming, and frankly I had all the opportunities to find this out, I just didn’t think to check… the Lumia 640XL does not support 5 GHz WiFi and since I have the latest Chromecast running on the 5 GHz band I have to use my Note 3 or my girlfriends S4 to use the Chromecast because I’m NOT switching the Chromecast to 2.4 GHz  so that was a bit of a let down.

Oh Snap! or not…

After the Snappening event, SnapChat clamped down on third party apps using the SnapChat services and since the SnapChat CEO seems to have a problem with Windows Phone there is neither a Official SnapChat app or any unofficial, if rumors are correct there will never be one either.

Google apps

It might just be the fact that I’m so used to using them but I’m noticing that I miss a few of the Google apps, such as Keep and Google Now. I have sortet the email issue by linking my Gmail and Microsoft account so I have e-mail working but there, and I do have OneNote, its not as good as Keep but it gets the job done while I wait for Google to get with the program and make a Keep app for windows phone.

Mobile Bank

The biggest banks here in Norway have apps for Windows Phone, mine on the other hand does not. That being said the internet banking page works in the web browser and BankID on mobile works too but it just takes way to long to justify a replacement for an app. I’we E-Mailed Jernbanebanken but the reply was disappointing; there is no plan for a Windows Phone app. Let’s hope the rumors about running android apps in WP10 is true.


Windows Phone 10

I have been looking at running Insider build of WP10 on my 640XL, but unsure as this is my daily driver phone and as Microsoft states there are alot of bugs and missing features in the Insider builds. Have you tried the insider builds? do they work well enough for a main phone? please let me know in the comment section below!


A feature in the People app that I am curious about testing is called Rooms and more specific the Family room, from what I can read (as the feature does not work) this is a place where you can connect with selected members of your family in different manners. I don’t know if the reason it does not work is because my girlfriend does not have Windows Phone (yet) or if it’s related to a broken feature is kind of hard to tell as the only error message i get is “Can’t connect, If you have a good reception, the problem might be on the other end. Wait a little while and try again”

Not all things are bad tho..

Let me make it clear that non of these issues would ever make me regret switching, the positive sides overshadows the negatives by far, and most of my issues with exception of the 5 GHz WiFi can be sloved with either updates of just creation of apps.

I’d like to mention a few apps that I do like;

Remote desktop

Microsoft’s own remote desktop app is utter brilliance. I have to take my imaginary hat of for that app. I have tried a few remote desktop apps, but most of them either need a program installed on your computer or is hard to use due to small screens and bad mouse control, this app has solved these problems, and if you use remote desktop and haven’t tried this app yet, Shame! it’s available for Windows Phone and Android and might be on iOS but I’ll leave checking that to people who deal with apple and such.



This app is a mess on Android, it’s like it suffers from amnesia, constant nagging about “People you may know” even with people in my LinkedIn contacts and the  messaging feature is utter shit in Android, it really is… “One new message” and it’s one I read 3 months ago, I mean COME ON! give me a break here. The Windows Phone app is like it’s made by a different company, it looks WAY better being designed to look like the menus in Windows Phone and it feels more like an extension of the WP OS, or like a sub-menu or something of the sort and! hold on to your hat, this one has short term memory! no new/old messages no nagging. I would be surprised if it’s the same guy that made both apps, if it is then he must have made the WP version first and had a stroke before making the Android version.

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