Unreleased Facebook Timelines, sneak preview

As we have said previously Facebook is undergoing reconstructive surgery and allot is changing, the newest feature is the unreleased Facebook timeline function.

We can show you how it works and how to get it before your friends.

What is Timeline:

Timeline is a new way of sorting your actions on facebook. Your actions are sorted by date and start with birth and follows a line up till today, therefore timeline!

How does it work:

It changes your regular profile to this:


Click to enlarge

First off we added a cover:



There we go, looks nice with the new cover. The overall look of the new profile page is very organized and sorted. We notice there is a few new elements such as the timeline on the right side of the cover and the map feature… let’s have a look at the timeline first!

This is how your actions on Facebook are sorted, clicking on one of the dates/years reveal what you were up to on that date just for giggles we had to press “Born” first just to see what happened

And as expected there were not much happening on Facebook back then until my first son was born and I’m not putting up any baby pictures of me either… lets just let that one be blank for now and check out the map feature


The map feature is a new way of sorting what you did and where you did it. Everytime you post something with the location attached it pops up on the map.

Clicking on one of the pins and it pops up and shows you what happened there and when

Nice little feature to keep track of what you were doing.

Other new things we notice is that there are a few new boxes in the top menu of your profile showing Friends, Photos, Map,Likes, Notes, Subscribers and Subscriptions but there is also a option to add apps to this menu.


Yet a new way to organize your Facebook profile.

The Wall

Your wall has had a Facelift aswell, it now sorts thing into neat boxes for you and makes finding things allot eazyer



How do you get it?

Well Timelines have a release date of 30.09.2011 so you can wait untill then, or… you can do as we did and follow the instructions in this video

























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