Turn your Radeon HD6950 into a 6970 in a flash


Own a Radeon HD6950 and wish it was a 6970? Well it is, the clever guys at techPowerUp! Figured out that the 6950 has all the same parts as the 6970 it has just been piped down throug the firmware. They have made a new firmware releasing the 6950’s full potensial… But as with all good things there is a downside, the retail 6970 cards have one 8 pin and one 6 pin power connectors for the auxillary power and the 6950’s only have two 6 pin connectors, it’s unknown if this will cause stability problems while rendering heavy graphics or not but might be worth a shot… Keep in mind that the 69xx cards ar so new that preforming this hack most likely will remove your warranty so if you do get some damage to your card you wont get a new for free

Legal notice: nordic-vikings.net do not take responsibility for damage to anny hardware if you choose to follow this article.

To see the how-to and get the firmware visit techPowerUp!

Source: Engadget

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