The next generation search engine!

This is more Jan’s field since it goes as software but we both use it so I guess it’s ok for me to write this one.

For those of you who like new and inventive ways to get information and like technology this is right up your alley, remember in the movie WALL-E (2008) where the captain asks the supercomputer to define earth and the reply is a computer made visualĀ  presentation of data collected about the subject earth? Looks neat don’t it? Not having to read all the info provided for your search term

You can get the same experience minus the voice control, a computer generated graphical presentation of the search term, at The search engine is in alpha mode right now but it is possible to apply for access at they’re site

Once you’re loged in you get your basic search engine site with a simple textbox and a search button

When you enter a search term the site generates a interactive flash movie about the subject from data collected from various sources around the web and use speech to speak to you about the subject just like in the movie but with subtitles just incase the computer pronounces something wrong you can read the text. Qwiki contains millions of search answers and grows every day.

You can read more about this on they main site or you can read the qwiki blog at

So does it get to go on our recommend by Well… No, since it’s in alpha mode and therefor invite only we can’t recommend it just now but the second it’s open for all we will

On the other hand we do recommend that you apply for access, in fact we will send an invite to two of our readers. Want one? Write a comment below, give us a good reason as to why you should get it and on monday we will pick the best two and send you invites.


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