The hidden back and forward step button on your keyboard

Many people have a back and forward button on their keyboard or mouse that they use in web browsers and file explorer windows.
If you are one of them people missing this, here’s a tip for you!

You might have noticed (and many people already use this) that the backspace button on the keyboard works like a back button, but what about a forward button?

Well, if you did not know this here’s what you do;

Simply hold down the “Alt” button, and click either left or right arrow on your keyboard.

Left arrow will send you back a step, and right arrow will send you forward a step.
This will work in any browser and explorer that you use.

It even works on Linux systems if this is what turns you on.

We have not been able to test this on apple as we do not have this kind of product, but if you can confirm this please feel free to leave a tip.

Alt + Left Arrowarrow

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