The dinosaurs are coming back

Telltale games have announced a new Jurassic Park game, a direct sequel to the original movie.

Universal probably did not want another dino hunter shoot’em up game and that’s where Telltale games comes into the picture as they are well known for their focus on character building like they did in both Sam & Max and Tales of monkey island

Judging from the trailer it looks like we’re going get some answers to the questions we had after the first movie, like what happened to the can of dino DNA that Nedry stole from the lab and lost in the mud?

The game is set to launch no Pc, Mac and all consoles the launch was scheduled for July 2010 but has been postponed and is rumored around April 2011 but this is unconfirmed here’s the trailer… For now that’s we got

Jurassic Park Game Debut Trailer HD



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