Test: Linksys E3000 Is this the router for you?

Since our beloved Linksys WRT54G started acting up we have been searching for a new and decided to go for the new Linksys E3000 wich from what we have seen seems to be one of the best routers on the market today.

Linksys is made by Cisco, a personal favorite in networking for us, we have had some d-link routers in the part but there have always been some sort of problem or restrictions making them not fit our setup.

Lets begin, first thing you notice is the design this router is so pretty your girlfriend/wife might just let you hang it on the livingroom wall

Linksys E3000

Linksys E3000

Linksys E3000

Linksys E3000

Then there is the specs, we’ll run you through the major ones and at the end of the article you’ll find the complete spec list

  • Simultaneous dual-band for high performance wireless entertainment
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) ports for faster file sharing with other Gigabit devices
  • USB port for centralized file sharing with built-in UPnP AV media server
  • Triple the number of internal antennas over the Linksys E1000 for best coverage in larger homes
  • So you’re probably thinking by now that a high class router like the E3000 must cost both arms and a wooden leg but it’s not that bad actually Amazon.com lists it at 146.46$ and that’s not so bad considering what you get.

    Now for the installation part.
    When you unpack the router you’ll probably notice that there is a big sticker that tell you to run the cd first do it!¬†this takes you to the install of cisco connect a usfull program for setting basic settings of the router and eventually lets you change the more advanced settings like opening ports, mac address clone and a wast variety of other properties

    Signal strength:
    To test the signal strength we use a laptop and simply walk out the door with it refreshing constantly to read of the signal strenght.
    To compare we should have had a second router standing right next to it but this was not possible at this time so we’ll use my next door neighbours network to compare to wich is basicly just a few meters apart so the difference is not that big from it’s SSID and alsow from the interface we know he has some sort of D-Link router.
    Now let’s get to it, just outside the door we see no change in signal strength but about 2 meters up the stairs (yes I live in a basement) we notice a little drop in signal from the Linksys but the D-Link is no longer on the list, keep in mid that the walls ar made of concreete and the routers ar below ground level. The signal from the E3000 gradually fade out and dissapear from the list at about 15 meters from the entrance door. The router is set up about 3 meters from the door so a signal range of about 18 meters through concrete and other household objects is not all that bad, in an open landscape it would probably be longer but we don’t know anyone who use they’r router on the middle of a field so we’re not going to test this.

    For a complete list of specs click here

    so, after all this mumbo jumbo about specs and looks, does it make it worth the money? in our opinion YES! it really does it performes like a top of the line router and it’s as stable as a rock, we have used it for 4 months now and not have anny problems or had to reboot it for anny reason, brilliant!

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