Techbay; the go to store for all hardware enthusiasts!

We recently came across a web shop that sell hardware for enthusiasts during our search for some water cooling parts and were so pleased with the store we decided to give it a closer look.

The store is called Techbay and concentrate on selling enthusiast hardware and is based in Skjeberg, Norway. In an index of 202 of they’re products they are listed as the cheapes supplyers of 135 of them which is quite impressive fore someone

We set up an order and it came in the mail the day after, the price is nothing but right and the products they sell are pure quality. We tried the phone support and they answered on the third ring, no crapy wait music or “you ar number 2 million in the cue..” the staff was very helpfull, polite and full of knowledge!

This is a store worth using without doubt and that is why it gets:

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