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BitCoin users on Apple devices attacked by Malware

bitcoin-thiefA Mac OSX trojan horse disguised as a bitcoin wallet application is responsible for “multiple” bitcoin thefts.

SecureMac, a Mac security consultancy that develops the MacScan anti-malware application warns of a new threath called ‘CoinThief.A’.

Hidden within the open-source OSX bitcoin wallet app StealthBit, CoinThief.A monitors users’ web traffic to steal login credentials for software wallets and popular bitcoin sites, like BTC-e, Mt. Gox, and

The StealthBit app had been available on GitHub both as source code and as a pre-compiled download, but the page was removed fast.

Suspicion started to appear when investigators discovered that the pre-compiled version did not match the original source (which more knowledgeable users could and should be able to examine for themselves).

Upon running the program for the first time, the malware installed browser extensions for Safari and the Google Chrome web browser, without alerting the user. The web browsers are tricked into thinking that the user intentionally installed the extensions, and give no warning to the user that all of their web browsing traffic is now being monitored by the malicious extensions.

Additionally, the malware installed a program that continually runs in the background, looking for bitcoin wallet login credentials, which where then sent back to a remote server.

The browser extensions had innocuous sounding names like ‘Pop-up Blocker’ to avoid detection. Once installed, the trojan also searched the system for anti-malware software and logged unique identifiers (UUIDs) for each infected machine.

Large amount got stolen!

At least one Bitcoin Talk Forum user reported a devastating 20BTC theft after installing this StealthBit.

Other investigators noted several similarities between StealthBit and Bitvanity, another piece of notorious Mac malware that stole users’ bitcoins in August 2013. Bitvanity posed as a vanity wallet address generator that harvested addresses and private keys from software like the Bitcoin-Qt clients.

StealthBit’s GitHub code repository was stored under the username ‘thomasrevor’ and a reddit user named ‘trevorscool’ posted an announcement about it’s development there on February 2nd. Last year, Bitvanity’s GitHub code was posted under the name ‘trevory’. Something that indicates that this may be the same person.

Recent fall of BitCoin price

This malware attempt caused the bitcoin market value to drop radically in the last couple of days. After watching the prince trends, bitcoin fell from $1000 and down to a depressing $490 at lowest.
The prices has started to rise again, due people being aware of the problem, and hopefully it will get back up on top again.

Not so safe after all like we want it to be?

Linux and Windows users should not be affected by this, as far as we know. But attempt to do so is still out there, so be aware when you upgrade your wallet.
Even for Mac which they all thought had no threats. More and more malware are aimed against apple devices, and maybe Apple stuff might not be that shiny safe system that they want it to be.

Merry Christmas Readers!

Let the Christmas spirit come upon us!

Even thou we love technology, and basically every gadget (big or small) there is in this world, we must not forget that this is a holiday that should be celebrated with our families or the ones we love and care about.
Please enjoy this next evenings with your loved ones and let’s put away all those gadgets and non-social devices.
Candy Crush saga isn’t going away, and Facebook will still be there when the holiday is over. You don’t need to check that “wall-of-feed” every hour to see if someone has posted anything you couldn’t go without.
And even thou this day brings us presents, remember that there is more to this day than those great gifts we receive. Show your love and enjoyment with the person who took the time to think of you, and actually got you that gift.
Remember: If you receive a gift that you did not have on your wishlist, you must keep in mind that there is sadly always someone who has it worse than you.

We here at Nordic Vikings are going to celebrate this day with the ones we love and tonight’s feast will consist of Norwegian “Pinne Kjøtt” and “Ribbe” (Sorry about the super bad translation, but there was no good description of Ribbe in English so i had to run Google translate on it). These feasts are combined with good ale and Norwegian “Akevitt”.

We hope to see your IP on our website again, and wish you a very Merry Christmas!


4chan fools Apple users with waterproof iOS7 update


Last week Apple rolled out its new operating system for Iphone and Ipad. Ios7 was as Apple CEO Tim Cook called it, “the biggest change since the ios Iphone”.

With the upgrade came a massive advertising campaign, in pure Apple style.
But between all the different articles and advertising posters that were written about the innovating operating system, there was one that that made a difference.

A beatutiful graphical poster in pure Apple style is now roaming around the planet saying; “Update to iOS7 NOW and become waterproof”.

Well, lets get all clear here! – an iDevice that updates its firmware to IOS7 is not getting waterproof.
The poster features the same stylish graphic design Apple tend to market themselves with, and are difficult to distinguish from the original poster.

The most hardcore technical Apple fans noticed this right away that this had to be a fake poster, but on social media alot of users has admit to have been fooled by this lovely poster.

- “IOS7 is not waterproof! Now my phone at the bottom of the river”, says an unfortunate iPhone user on Twitter.

- “To whoever said that ios7 was waterproof, FU** you!!!”, says another user on Facebook


4chan is behind

“Your iPhone should after the upgrade instantly detect sudden changes in thermal disturbance by using the screen and “home button” sensors.
In an emergency, a “smart switch” power off the phone and similar components to prevent damage to the phone’s sensitive circuits”, says the the false advertising poster.

The joke is supposed to come from the famous online forum 4chan, who has a habit of fooling people on social media.

View the whole AD here..

What happened to



For those of you who remember qwiki it was; amazing, beautiful, creative, futuristic, awesome, and just almost perfect!

But what happened?
Suddenly they got locked up and removed search ability on their website. All the amazing “knowledge based” articles ALOT of people increased their knowledge on just disappeared, and they turned all blog’ish and ONLY for iphone.

I will never forget the demonstration they gave at TechCrunch in 2010. What was burned into my mind was that little clip they had from the movie “Wall-E” where the captain says “Define Earth” and get’s highly excited. That was my first reaction as well, and i believe im not alone.
That new and fun creative way of getting information and learn new things was so much easier with qwiki because it was in visuals and had an amazing voice engine. Many nights have gone by sitting in front of qwiki getting even more amazed article after article.


We spoke to some of the iphone users out there who we know used to use the qwiki site the old way. They had all tried the new app, but got very dissapointed of the way they now operates in. They all reported back to us that they missed the old knowledge articles. The beautiful visual blogs that they could create was a great feature, but was not the reason they got the application. And why only for iphone? Will this be avalible on Android and windows phone?


So for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look at this awesome presentation.

So, please Doug and Louis, if you read this;
Please let us have that amazing, and easy way of learning back again. It is deeply missed by ALOT of people.

How to solve: No value could be found for (AllowHotkey) that satisfies all lockdown requirements. The lockdown requirements in force may be conflicting error in Citrix

Have you ever loged on to Citrix and just when  your about to start one of the published applications you get this fancy “latin” error message?

Citrix Receiver Configuration Manager: No value could be found for (AllowHotkey) that satisfies all lockdown requirements  The lockdown requirements in force may be conflicting.

It’s not that hard so solveCitrix Logo

Earlier you had to delete a whole bunch of registry keys from the computer.
But we feel that this way is so much better!

So, what you do is to click on “start”. If you have Windows 8, just go into the Metro.
Just start typing regedit and click enter.
if your not familliar with this, it’s not something you should play with on your own unless you have a guide, or really know what you’re doing.

Go to the top and navigate to this location:

  2. Software
  3. Citrix
  4. ICA Client
  5. Engine
  6. Lockdown Profiles
  7. All Regions

Here you will find a registry key called: EnableLockdown
Double click this key, and you will see that the value is set to “1”.

Simply change this to “0” and click “OK”.

Now close your web browser, and reopen it.
You should now be free of anoying AllowHotKey errors.

Netcom messes up in commercial!

One of Norway’s largest phone companies messes up big time in their new TV commercial…

The commercial starts off by showing the male main character taking a picture of him self with a Samsung Galaxy S2 in a mirror then the commentator says this is him getting the first text from the female main character and they show his screen with the message conversation and it’s clearly an iPhone… Someone must not know the difference between Android and iOS even tho they sell both….

Is Backup important?

YES! Backup is just something we think about doing, but never does.. We have all heard stories about people or

companies that encounter massive computer crash where everything has been lost, and there is no way to retrieve it.

We here at have encountered this twice, and yet we didn’t learn after the first time. First time we lost all of our online articles and had to start up from scratch. The second time one of our head staff lost several years of personal photos.

But how do i backup?

It’s easy.. We tested a free online backup service called Mozy.

Mozy is the online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than 3 million customers, 70,000 business users world wide and 70 petabytes of information stored on their servers. Mozy is very secure and has alot of interesting features to use. Home computer users may sign up for a free 2 GB account with the “MozyHome Free” plan, but you can also select a larger account size by signing up with the “MozyHome” plan with 50 GB or 125 GB for only £4.99 per month.

Business backup is also available via the “MozyPro” plan which has customizable licenses and storage space. Both the MozyHome and MozyPro plan provide unlimited restores via your personal web account and the Mozy software (We didn’t try this one but assume it’s a built-in FTP application that is able to sync folders to your online account). They also offer physical DVD restores, and mobile apps for iOS or Android operating systems.

As a home user, the 2 GB free edition would have plenty of space to store the most precious photos. We used the free edition and recommend it as it works GREAT!

Can’t i just buy a external HDD?

Yes, you can always go out and buy a half expensive external USB hard drive and use this as a backup plan (A lot of people do this which is good). But what if there was a fire? or any other accidents in your home?


Wish to give it a try? Just click here, or on the Mozy Logo image. Mozy is also avalible for Apple users.



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News from Apple and apps to iPad

First I will like the opportunety to introduce myself. My name is Morten. I have always had an interess in computers, smartphones and so on.
I have experience in several operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android and now gone over to Apple`s OS.

Hopefully I will be able to share some news and tips here for to read.

Today there is a lot of rumors regarding the new iPad3, and that Apple is going to have an press-conference next week. The rumors also say that some may have seen the new iPad3, and have written an article on this, that you can read here

There is also alot of chatting about which apps you need on you`re iPhone/iPad, and i have found a site that has made a top 100 free apps to have. 
Find the site here

Hope you will find the news useful! I will try to add a new article as soon as I can, but at the latest just after Apple`s press-conferance next week.


We need YOU!

We’re still looking for writers!
We really need someone to cover Apple but we’re also interested in people to write about Windows and/or Linux…
Someone with good knowledge about phones would also be nice…

So if you fit any of the above descriptions give us a shout!
If you’r English is bad we can help you translate so don’t hesitate to mail us…

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs..

We here at wish to show our deepest condolance to the family and followers of Steve Jobs..

May you rest in peace