Stay safe on your way home from partying!

Worried about getting attacked on you way home from town, partying or clubbing? got a smart phone?

Install Bipper bSafe and you’re at least safer than without!

Picture: Bipper bSafe

This app let’s you choose a list of your friends/contacts as your guardians, this means that if you get in a situation where you need help you hit the sos button and your phone sends a msg containing a link to your location on Google maps to your guardians and call one of them that you have pre selected to be called.

The app has a feature called fake call, when you press this button your phone will ring immediately or at a preset time between 5 seconds or 10 minutes. It looks like when you receive regular call and you can pretend to have a conversation and this may lower the chance of getting attacked. There is a “Test” function that allows you to test the settings you have selected, when pressed you enter numbers for test guardians, and before the test starts the test guardians will receive a text message letting them know that the following alarm is just a test.

Picture: Bipper bSafe

The app has a “My Location” feature to help you if you’re lost and you’re able to trigger the alarm from inside the location function so there is no need to go back to trigger it.

Upcoming features include:

Risk Mode which” let’s you notify you guardians in advance that you are in a situation with increased threat level. Your location is traced for the whole period Risk mode is active, and guardians can – if you so choose – follow your movements live on a map”

Timer Mode: “In timer mode the alarm triggers automatically if you fail to check in before a time you specify up front. Your location is traced for the whole period timer mode is active and if you trigger the alarm your guardians get access to a complete map of your movements from the timer mode was activated.”

Get it here for Android or here for IOS

This is a great little app to keep you and your loved ones safe and that’s why it deserves:




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