Start your Android phone as an OS on your computer

How to start your android phone’s operating system on your computer with a nice graphical touch? It’s very easy and we’ll tell you how!

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The Preparations

The first thing you need to do is to head over to the android market and download the free application called “AirDroid”. This application will stream and beautify what you would normally see on your android phone. Once installed, start it and swipe to the right side. There you will find the settings. To prevent other to interfere with your session, we suggests that you set the password control to “ON” and set a personal password. The next you should do (this might only be handy for advanced users) is to set a custom port. This will prevent the session to get in conflict with for instance Torrents, or other applications roaming around on the network that requires specific ports.

And this is just about it.. You should now be ready to start.

What’s Next..??

Just turn on your phones WIFI and wait for the signal bars in the application to turn green. Once they are green you should see a “Start” button appear. Hit it..!

Now, walk over to your computer and open a web browser. Type in your android phone’s IP address and port and the login screen should appear. What you should write in the web browser’s address field is shown on the AirDroid application after pressing theSettings © Nordic “Start” button. The address should look something like: “<Port number>”. In our place the this is how it looks: “”. Just remember that this is based on the network router settings and the pre-set port number.

When you now see the login portal we suggest that you hit the F11 button on your keyboard. This will put the web browser in a full screen view. Now you may log on.


Which features do I have?

Once inside, you may:

  • open text messages
  • send and receive SMS
  • see/edit the call log
  • browse or edit the phone book
  • install/uninstall apps
  • see the phones status like CPU/RAM/Battery/disk space
  • browse the SD card using a file explorer
  • download/upload from the SD card
  • Kill running apps
  • And much more…

Things that we are not able to do, is to start applications, and call other people using a headset or like other telephone applications like Skype. But hopefully this will come in later versions as this is a growing project..

Nordic Vikings will follow this application and keep you updated as they roll out.


© 2011 Nordic

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