Sony Ericsson gives the X10 users their final upgrade

Until now Sony Ericsson had earlier stated that the Xperia X10, X8 and the X10 Mini version would not be upgraded to more than the Android OS v2.1. That is all about to change! But sadly not for the X10 mini and the X8..

Angry Android users

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Made users angry!

When the announcement came that Sony Ericsson didn’t want to upgrade the X10, X8 and X10 mini above v2.1, the users felt left out. Some got really angry at Sony Ericsson and stated that they would never go back to using their products. As the crowd made a lot of noise and had many followers, Sony Ericsson had no choice but to come up with a solution. Despite that Sony Ericsson had decided that the X10 was not ready for an upgrade, they actually had a point. The X10 simply would not be able to handle it!

Android Gingerbread is next

The Xperia X10 and the X10 mini users have earlier received the upgrade for the Android v2.1 Eclair. Now the next step is the Android Gingerbread, which is the 2.3 version if the Android OS. Sony Ericsson chose to skip the v2.2 which is called the Android Froyo. The new features of v2.2 was to improve the performance of “JIT” which is a new method to improve the running performance of applications. They was also added the Chrome v8 JavaScript engine and support for Adobe Flash.

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The reason for the skipping of v2.2 was a problem with the TimeScape feature and the user would notice that the v2.1 gave a much better experience on the X10. The Engineers could simply not fix the problem.


Sony Ericsson resently announced that under the development of the Xperia Arc, NEO and Play devices, they discovered a way to make a version higher than v2.1 on the X10 possible. With this said, they also announced that they just wish to skip the v2.2 and instead go straight to the latest version which is now v2.3.3 (Gingerbread third-edition). This upgrade should be available from the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3, and only on through PC client downloading. As this is a huge upgrade, over the air upgrade has been disabled to minimize any errors.

Some features that will be removed is the MediaScape. This will be replaced by the new media player that is found in the newer Xperia devices released this year. Another change will be the removal of Moxier, which will be replaced by the new Gingerbread native EAS function. The camera interface will be replaced with a new one, and the “Backup & Restore” feature will be removed.

Why is X10 mini & X8 left out?

The reason that Sony Ericsson is NOT upgrading the X10 mini and the X8, is the hardware limitations. The hardware would simply not handle the large operations, leaving the user with a slow OS experience. It would be like running Windows Vista on an old 486, 500MHz computer (The one most of us had back in the late -90’s)

Very eager to have the Gingerbread on your mini or X8? Luckily the Android is an open source software, and if you know your way around, the Gingerbread version is available for download here. You just need to follow the 5 “easy” steps to set it up, then your ready to start re-programing the android v2.3 to fit on your device..

Any chance Android v3.0 will work?

No!.. The Android v3.0 (Honeycomb Edition) is for now planned to be used on tablet devices, but maybe some day in the future they will make it available on the smaller products as well.

Have a look at the sneak peek below on the Android Honeycomb Edition..


(Source: Sony Ericsson, Android Developers)

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