Rooting your android is now easier than ever

Are you one of those who is grateful for a new OS upgrade, but also hate it, because your Angry Birds save is deleted during the process? And you know if you could just get “Superuser” (SU) permission on your phone, you could go and take a backup. Now it’s easier than never before!

Warning: Please read this first!

Before you continue with this “How-to”, there is a couple of things you should know. This MAY damage your phone, swipe your SD card, and make it very useless!.


Okay, since the warnings have been  said, lets begin..

A team called ShortFuse Production has created one of the simplest method yet to root almost ANY android phone with a simple click. Yet it is simple and with a simple click, there is a couple of things that needs to be done to make sure it won’t fail and kill your phone.

In this tutorial we used the “SuperOneClick v1.9.1.0”, so any newer or older versions might do the same, but we have not been testing it. We know there has been released a v2.1 of the software.

The first thing you need to do is to set your android phone into Debug mode, and tick of the “Allow Unknown sources”. This should be found under settings > Applications.

Then you need to make sure your phone has plenty of power on the battery. We don’t want to run out in the middle of the process.. Also make sure that the drivers for the phone has been installed on the computer. In most cases this means that you can access the phone (To be absolutely sure, just install the phones brand suit software)

Well, you should now be ready to root!

  • Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  • Start up the root software SuperOneClick vX.XX.
  • Make sure to NOT mount the SD card when it asks for it after connecting the USB cable. If it asks, either ignore it or click recharge option. Fail to do so your SD card has gone fishing!
  • Now if you have made sure that all of the above warnings has been taken care of, you may click the “ROOT” button.
  • The phone will go through a lot of changes, and the software on the computer will tell you what it does. If you do not understand it, don’t bother. If you really wonder, google it..
  • During the rooting process the application will ask you two questions. Number one is to install a tool, just click yes on this. The second question is if you want the application to send a “SU” command to your phone. Click yes on this as well This will test your hone to verify that it has been rooted successfully.  For all of you who use Linux should be familiar with this command.
  • And that’s it! Your phone is now rooted! Also remember to disable the debug mode :)

What’s next?

Well, what you should do now is to restart your phone. When it has started back up again, go into the application list and look for the application “superuser” (it looks like a pirate icon).

Now if you see that, it is recommended that you go to the android market and download the busybox. Install this and run it. The next thing you should do if you want to make the most out of the root is to download a terminal client. It doesn’t matter which one. To use this you should be familiar with Linux as this is a Linux terminal window. (For those of you who did not know, Android is built on the Linux platform)

NB: Nordic Vikings do not host any of the requested files, but do a quick google search they should pop up. Be sure to find one that is clean from malware.

To point you in a right direction, try visiting the XDA-developers site. They do have download links..

Have fun, and don’t kill your phone! There is no limits to it now, and overclocking it may burn it’s brain! :P

Update 03.08.2011: You will not loose anything that is stored on your phone! Everything will remain as it is if you follow these steps correctly (and do NOT mount your SD card).



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