RAID not recoginzed by Ubuntu during boot

I’ve been trying to set up a small media server in Ubuntu 13.04 with the OS on one disk and 2 other disks in a RAID 10 configuration and set them up as a media server with samba support and a mail warning system to monitor the health of the disks and status of the raid but following this tutorial had me stranded at boot, no matter what I did all I got was the following error at boot up: “The disk drive for /media/raid10 is not ready yet or not present.” and a google search just turned up other people asking the same question so I figured I’d give it a go fixing it my self and by a freak accident I noticed that I had used a space instead of using the tab key to create space between the entries in the /etc/fstab file so I removed the spaces and used the tab key and HEY presto! it works!

so if you got the same problem try this… see if it does not solve the problem!


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