Quick and easy photoshareing in Chrome and Firefox

Tired of having to upload pictured you want to share to picture hosting sites first then sharing them? Here’s a quicker way of doing this, it takes away all the hassel!

The 15 year old application creator @antimatter15 has created the open source app called drag2up.

What this app does is as simple as it’s genius, let’s say you’re writeing a blog post and you have a photo on you’re desktop you’re going to have in your blog post instead of having to log on to your image hosting site of choice just drag it to the textbox and as you continue to write drag2up uploads it to the image hosting site you like in the background and when done the link to it pop up in your blog hassle free

The app also has a built-in feature for automated url shortening and works with both dropbox and cloudapp.

Check out this video to see how the app works.


Download here:

Drag2up for Chrome

Drag2up for Firefox


Dinside.no (Norwegian)

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