Play the classic Nokia Snake game at YouTube

Have you ever had the experience of watching a completely boring movie that your Facebook friend sent you from YouTube?? Why not play a game instead without closing YouTube??


YouTube is a great place to find movie clips off all kinds of stuff. Some use it to illegally watch TV series, others use it to get a laugh, and a few of us use it to stimulate their “personal needs”. YouTube has simply become one of the biggest media broadcast website in the world with over 20 million guests each day! YouTube went public in February 2005 but was bought by Google Inc. in 2006 for $1.65 billion dollars ( 2011)

Now YouTube also provides a hidden feature that allows their guests to play the classical Nokia snake game with the movie clip as the background. The hidden feature can only be activated if the user enters the hidden key combination on their keyboard.

The steps
  1. First you need to click on a movie clip to make it start.
  2. Then you need to pause the clip.
  3. The next you need to do is to hit the arrow keys: Right + Up at the same time.
  4. You should now see the a gray snake fly across the movie clip.

The snake is operated by the arrow keys, and you only have one attempt to eat the things. When you “die”, the game ends and you will need to enter the arrow combination again.

As a tip if it doesn’t start on the first try, you should keep on hitting the arrow combination more that 2 times. That should do the trick. Another thing to keep in mind is the background color. The snake and the “snake bait” is light gray so a dark background is highly recommended.


Have fun….


© 2011

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