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Windows Phone 8

As many of you have seen I have switched to Windows Phone, more specifically to the Microsoft Lumia 640XL and so far there has been a few ups and downs but overall I have to say Windows Phone is NOT an underdog.

Apps are an issue when switching, to Windows Phone 8.1  there are many apps that are not there at all like Snapchat, Inbox, Google Now etc. but there are some that are there but are unofficial and lackin lots of functions, like the 9Gag app which woks for scrolling but image upload and notifications are missing.

Overall this has followed my overall plan on reducing usage, I used to spend way to much time on my phone. The time I do spend on my phone has not only been reduced but also been made more efficient, Windows Phone is so much more focused on efficient usage than Android, but not dumb’ed down like iOS.

as I stated in one of my first posts, battery life is a real plus on these phones, and less usage also aids this. I did a test now that I have had the phone for a while, I have had Wifi, Cellular data and Location on constantly now and the results speak for them self:



To compare, if I did the same with my Samsung Note 3, I would have to charge it 2-3 times in one day.

Lock screen

One thing that I love about WP is it’s lock screen, I know you can get almost the same in Android and I can’t explain why but this just feels better that the ones i tried in Android and I love it to bits, the lock and unlock sound are something I have always hated, but the one in WP is just absolute bliss! I’ll see if I can make a recording but I don’t think it will do it right so I’ll just have to recommend that you get one!

Looks good!

Looks good!

Windows Phone 10

Being part for the Windows Insider program I have the option to upgrade the Lumia to WP10 insider builds, but as Microsoft states on the download page, this is unfinished work and should not be installed on a daily driver phone. Back in my Android days warnings like these never put me off having the latest updates and as I have written on here many times I have been a frequent user of CyanogenMod (pre becoming CyanogenMod Inc that is) so I figured that this was a standard warning and proceeded with the install. Install worked, booted the phone, Instant problems! the current build of WP10 does not handle e-mail accounts well at all, I was able to add my Microsoft account one time but not my work’s exchange account, reset the phone and then added my exchange account first, now all hell broke loose and nothing worked, reset again and added both accounts YEY! but now none of them was syncing… reset and revert to 8.1. I’ll wait for the official release I think. I did however have a quick look in the Windows Phone 10 store, just to compare notes with the one in WP 8.1 and there are way more WP 10 apps, so looking forward to that!


Windows App studio

Microsoft launched it’s app studio recently and I have given it a go, I made a quick web app to open our site that was quick and easy to make and it works, I have not Published it to the store so no point in looking for it but if someone feel they cannot live without, give me a shout in the comments and I might consider releasing it!


So to recap the whole shebang!


Windows Phone

Windows Phone


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