Nvidia goes wireless with GTX460 WHDI


Are you tired of all the cables behind your computer? Or do you want to use your HD tv as a monitor for your computer without having to get a 4 meter long hdmi cable?

The guys at KFA2 have a solution to this, they have made the d
Its a standard GTX460 with 5 aerials to transmit perfect 1080p HD video from your computer to your WHDI enabled TV or to any other display you connect the bundled WHDI receiver.

The card transmits at 5GHz has a listed range of about 30 meters (100 feet)

The card is not the cheapest of the bunch but newegg.com lists it at 499.990 USD not all that bad if it’s as good as we hope… We might contact kfa2 for a review later on but for now thats all we know.

Let’s just hope that the fact that it’s on the 5GHz band helps keep the signal strong’ would hate to loose signal in the middle of a gun fight in COD Black Ops. Just cause someone walked through the room or something

Via: Engadget
Source: KFA2

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