Norwegian government opens to start blocking sites that break copyright legislation

Today the Norwegian government represented by the minister of culture Hadja Tajik has suggested a change in the Norwegian copyright law that makes blocking sites that breaks the copyright law in plain view and in a large-scale easier. To block a site the Norwegian supreme court has to decide allow it based on what the government calls “strict guidelines”, this means that for the site to be blocked a number of criteria’s that needs to be met, such as openly distributing copyright material, material that there is no doubt about is copyright to someone else then the publisher such as movie torrents.

The government also opens for collection of IP addresses that is suspected of breaking the copyright law and to make it easier to find the person behind the IP. A warning letter can also be sent out to owners of IP violating the law but the Norwegian government will not start blocking individuals like they do in France.

In both cases this will be decided by the Supreme court and it will be hard to actually get a site blocked as long as these so-called “strict guidelines” are followed.


Source: ITavisen(Norwegian)

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