Norwegian goverment passes law on E-Tax

Throughout the history it has become apparent that the Norwegian government tends to drink paint remover before approving laws that has anything to do with technology, or other things that the Norwegian people might find fun or useful. So this might not come as a shock to us.

Up until 1st of July, Norwegian law has stated that items bought abroad in stores or online should be taxed upon entry to Norway. The new law now states that also downloads and electrical/online services like streaming services, music download stores, online gaming and even search engine usage, in other words all services you pay money to use should be taxed with the norwegian standard 25% tax rate of the price you pay for the service. The government calculated that this increase in Tax income will provide the country with approximately $28 million US Dollar per year (19,37 million euro).

The law states that the additional tax should not affect the consumer in any other way than in an increased price. This means that it is the store/seller/provider of these online products and services who have to report to the Norwegian tax office the amount of tax collected, and to pay the collected tax to the kingdom of norway when the total amount of collected tax exceeds $9 400 US dollars (€6 500 Euro). The new law does not specify what can happen if the store/seller/provider do not collect tax, but we presume that it is the same as not paying regular tax; you will be charged with tax fraud. does not take any responsibility for the use of the following ways to work around this law; this is meant as information and NOT in any way an instruction to break the law.

To work around this new law is not hard. There are literally hundreds for free proxy sites out there, a quick Google search will lead you in the right direction. This means that the store/seller/provider does not know what country you origin from and therefore the Norwegian tax law does not apply. But, keep in mind norwegians, when you have something shiped in, it is your responsibillity to make sure that this import product is being taxed for as long as the value is above 200,- NOK (about $33 US dollars).

If we come up with more ways around this we will update the post, we will be reading the law text from top to bottom trying to find workarounds, for educational purposes of course!


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