making a video game?

This can’t be good, but rumors has it that the crew of Nordic Vikings have started to create a “Mini” Game for PC, and probably also for web.

What this game is all about is still unknown, but from the information we have managed to “steal”, it will be a “Scare the CRAP out of you” kind of game.
By the looks of the only screenshot available, the atmosphere in the game could remind you of a combination between “Slenderman” and “Limbo”.
Even thou it’s based fundamentally on slenderman, you will not be seeing any slender men here. But what you might see in this world would probably scare a lot of people, because it’s something that many people are afraid of when taking a “stroll” down the forest path in the dark.
Exactly what this is is still unknown, but we will keep an eye on them and snatch what information we can.
The game has yet to be named so for now it’s nameless.

Click the image to see a large version. It’s not much yet, but who knows.



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