News from Apple and apps to iPad

First I will like the opportunety to introduce myself. My name is Morten. I have always had an interess in computers, smartphones and so on.
I have experience in several operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android and now gone over to Apple`s OS.

Hopefully I will be able to share some news and tips here for to read.

Today there is a lot of rumors regarding the new iPad3, and that Apple is going to have an press-conference next week. The rumors also say that some may have seen the new iPad3, and have written an article on this, that you can read here

There is also alot of chatting about which apps you need on you`re iPhone/iPad, and i have found a site that has made a top 100 free apps to have. 
Find the site here

Hope you will find the news useful! I will try to add a new article as soon as I can, but at the latest just after Apple`s press-conferance next week.


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