New CyanogenMod CM9 feature

CyanogenMod is a custom rom for Android based smartphones and comes for a vast selection of phones. We have been swearing to CyanogenMod since we first tested it and still do.

Currently we’re running a CM9 nightly build (sort of like beta) on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and boy is it sweet…. The original rom can seriously get stuffed compared to this.

In one of the latest updates for CM9 the CyanogenMod crew have put in a new feature that I thought was worth mentioning

Lockscreen weather app
It’s basicly just a little app that shows you the weather where you are on your Lockscreen, it doesn’t sound like all that but it is quite nice actually.

Here’s a quick snap of how it looks

Even though it’s just a nightly build I’d still recommend anyone who knows how to install a custom rom to give CM9 a go.
If you feel you’re up to the challenge head over here and get your copy.

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