Sega makes sure you’ll never be bored again while urinating

We love technology that they develop in Japan. Many countries seems to be afraid of change and to try something new but NOT Japan. The entertainment company Sega was in 2011 launching a “Kill-Boredom” solution while urinating. This is mainly only available for men at the moment, but as an innovating country they are, we assume the female version ain’t that far behind.

This doesn’t come as a shock to us as Japan already already has technology built into their toilets, They are most commonly known for functions like; posterior shower jets and perfume bursts to make you smell nice. A great thing about having Sega install these short games into urinals is to trigger the competitive instinct in humans to actually try to hit that target in the porcelain bowl. This will make sure that the urine ends up in the toilet and not on the floor.

Before you start you will have the option to choose from four different games which Sega has chosen to call “The Toy-Let Games”. Each urinal is constructed with a pressure sensor, and a small screen placed at eye level that will display the game itself while you pee, and show you the results. As a bonus, it will also show you the amount of liquid you managed to squeeze out, combined with a tiny static commercial.

Have a look at the video below to see it in action..



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