Merry Christmas Readers!

Let the Christmas spirit come upon us!

Even thou we love technology, and basically every gadget (big or small) there is in this world, we must not forget that this is a holiday that should be celebrated with our families or the ones we love and care about.
Please enjoy this next evenings with your loved ones and let’s put away all those gadgets and non-social devices.
Candy Crush saga isn’t going away, and Facebook will still be there when the holiday is over. You don’t need to check that “wall-of-feed” every hour to see if someone has posted anything you couldn’t go without.
And even thou this day brings us presents, remember that there is more to this day than those great gifts we receive. Show your love and enjoyment with the person who took the time to think of you, and actually got you that gift.
Remember: If you receive a gift that you did not have on your wishlist, you must keep in mind that there is sadly always someone who has it worse than you.

We here at Nordic Vikings are going to celebrate this day with the ones we love and tonight’s feast will consist of Norwegian “Pinne Kjøtt” and “Ribbe” (Sorry about the super bad translation, but there was no good description of Ribbe in English so i had to run Google translate on it). These feasts are combined with good ale and Norwegian “Akevitt”.

We hope to see your IP on our website again, and wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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