Mad Catz C.Y.B.O.R.G V5 gaming keyboard

Cyborg V5

I play a lot of games, mostly first person shooter (FPS) but also car/driving games and it has bugged me that sometimes when I have e.g. Been crouched sneaking behind a barrel holding down more than one key and my keyboard messes up my commands and the crouch command is missed and my character stands up just in time to receive a shot in the head. I had to get me a proper gaming keyboard and here’s what i chose, read on to see if it’s something for you.

So I decided that I needed a good quality gaming keyboard with anti ghosting technology. I looked around and figured out that the Mad Catz C.Y.B.O.R.G V5 had what I really wanted, it has Back-light and Anti Ghosting with program able keys to boot, this is not the latest version of the keyboard but to be frank I didn’t like the look of the new one and it didn’t have that many new features compared to the V5.


First some specs:

Nr of keys: 109 with interchangeable Nordic keys
Connector: USB
Programmable: Yes but only the F-Keys
Size (W,D,H)in cm: 49.1 , 22.9 , 2.8
Cable length: 174 cm
Wrist rest: Yes
Back-light: Yes


So whats the deal with a gaming keyboard? why would one need this compared to a regular keyboard; well as stated in the header for me it is to eliminate the problem with multiple key recognition and this is eliminated with Anti Ghosting. Anti Ghosting is in general a technology that detects multiple key presses and makes sure that all commands are sent to the computer. The keys on the V5 is placed om a membrane which makes it a lot more smoother to use and you don’t feel like you have to hit the keys for them to respond, combined with the smooth texture of the keys it makes using the keyboard a dream. I noticed a slow down in writing speed and an increase in wrong key presses when I use my work keyboard now after I got the V5 at home.


Build quality:

The keyboard looks to be built pretty tough and it feels and sounds solid if you knock on it with your fingers, other low quality keyboards tend to rattle and sound hollow when knocked. The cable is quite thick and long and the connectors seems solid and durable so from what I can tell without dismantling it the quality seems good!

Installation, drivers and setting up:

The keyboard was recognized at ones by my Windows 8 and it installed drivers from windows update, knowing these might not be updated and lack the software to program the keys i headed over to Cyborg and downloaded the latest version of both and installed them. The software for the keyboard is easy to use and takes no time to learn.


The back-light is a feature that makes using your computer without having the have the room lights on the “stadium lights” mode, it’s dimmable and add a nice touch to the keyboard. The keys on the keyboard is black but the characters are clear so the light shines through only the character,  some light escapes on the sides of the keys but it is not so much that it bothers me or makes it look stupid.

Overall impression:

The keyboard is a real treat no matter what we use it for be it writhing or gaming it’s just brilliant and does the job as expected, the back light looks good and is helpful when gaming in darker rooms or at night. The keys sound solid when pressed but without being hard to press and the surface of the keys is very nice. The programmable F-Keys are handy when gaming. This is through out a well done keyboard.

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