Logitech Harmony Touch review

If you, like me have a tv/home cinema setup that consist of more than one device than you probably have the same problem I used to have too many remotes and to much hazel when changing between different modes, well those days are over.

With the Logitech Harmony Touch you can control all your devices from one regular size rechargeable remote.

Let’s start of with some tech specs
Screen size 2.4″
Physical Buttons: 27
Touch buttons:2
Maximum devices at once:15
Maximum favorite channels: 50

Ok so here we go, the remote is a universal remote that can control up to 15 devices at once. The Touch version has a builds in feature for “activities” which a major part of the reason one should buy this gadget, activities is in basic telling the remote that when I press this activity called e.g. Watch Tv I would like you to turn the tv on and set it’s source to HDMI 1 then turn the surround system on and to the tv source then let me controll the channels on the tv tuner and the volume on the surround system with the corresponding physical buttons, neat huh?

Well it is, it makes all the difference when interacting with the home cinema system. Hard to set up? No not really following the in-box instructions you start off by mapping your system choose the set-up that you have, note down the device names and version nr. Then note what is connected to what on which ports, then head over to the computer, connect your remote with the bundled USB cable and go to myharmony.com there you create an account and install a small application on your computer. The set-up it self is a online process that guides you through a set of steps that help you set up how everything is connected, then you can select your tv provider from a list provided from your country and zip code unfortunately we’re based in Norway and our specific provider was not on the list of Norway’s providers so we had to use the manual entry to program our favourite channels but this was no big deal either enter channel name, channel nr and upload the channel logo (Google image search is your friend) and you are done. Then you are guided through a few simple steps and questions to set up activities, this was easy enough to set up but it did take a few tries to get right but nothing big.

Using the remote is better than expected it just takes all the hazzle with finding the right remote and the right buttons and remembering the channel numbers all you do is press e.g. watch tv then press the favourite touch button above the screen and the channel logos pop up on the screen in a scrollable list and you just need to select the one you want and sit back… in fact it is so easy that my 3 year-old flips through the cartoon channels herself and the fact That the remote is defaulted to the watch tv activity makes it easy for her to turn on aswel! My better half is what I call a new-tech’ofobic and was a bit weary about this new gadget that was going to replace all the remotes she was costumed to using but after just a few days she admitted that it is simply brilliant!
Ps. This makes it easy for me to change the surround set-up without her noticing because all I have to do is change the activity to work the same way…less nagging, for me that is a dubble win.

The remote is designed to fit into the palm of your hand and it does it so well, the back of it is in textured rubber so it grips well. The buttons are easy to reach with your thumb and the force needed to press them is just right not to hard not to sensitive. You don’t need to fiddle with the remote looking for the right button in the dark as all the physical buttons have backlight.

The remote comes with a buildt in rechargeable battery that charges when the remote is put in it’s holder the display shows wether it is charging or if it is fully charged and it looks good to boot. For pictures see the album below

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Do were recommend it? We sure do

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