Logitech Driving Force GT Review

Review of Logitech Driving Force GT

Play a lot of car games? Thinking about getting a steering wheel? Then this may the wheel for you, read on and find out!


Included in the box:
Wheel, pedals, power adapter, drivers CD and a short manual




For the PS3 the installation is as quick as a breeze plug & play, remember the power cord tho, we forgot at first and could not get the pedals to work.

For computer use the installation is a bit more complicated, first connect all the wires and then install the drivers from either the CD or download them here. A quick Google search reveal that quite a few people are complaining about using the wheel on a computer, we had some issues as well but the overall experience was OK.

In use:
The wheel feels like a real one, and the construction feels sturdy and durable, we have been playing with it for some time now and you can really get into it with this wheel without it falling of the table or breaking. The feedback is strong and true to life, you can feel traction loss, weight shift and surface condition’s it truly makes for a whole new experience. The pedals are just like a set of real pedals, they react without delay and you can control how much throttle or brake force you want with your foot the board the pedals sit on has a rubber edge facing the floor witch makes it stick to the floor so the pedals wont fly away during a panic brake. The gear shifter is a sturdy construction , it’s a sequential shifter that makes running through gears quick and easy if you prefer manual gearbox.

Pro’s & Con’s


Playing Grand Turismo 5 was awesome with this wheel, the forced feedback makes the experience immaculate and gives you so much better control over the car. The


Using the wheel on a computer is a hassle, the settings program is way to advanced and lack instructions on what does what, also when we installed it the auto configuration got the center wrong so to get the car to go straight you had to hold the wheel off-center, and since the configuration program was impossible to understand we were unable to re-configure it.


This wheel is pretty awesome, and seems to be pretty durable and has alot of potential. Getting a grip on all the functions takes time and some effort since the documentation included don’t cover that much and the computer program that comes with it is hard to understand and is not self explaining. Even so the overall experience is enough to give it the seal of approval:

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