Kopimist (copymist), the new swedish religion


We covered this earlier but the Swedish government has now approved the congregation which means anyone can join and make the act of copying they’re religion. As this is being written, they now have about 3000 members.

The organization believes that copying and spreading information is an ethical right, and that mixing information from several sources is even more holy than just copying. With this approval the organization hopes that they can perform they’re copying and spreading of any information they feel worth doing so without the interference of government- and law agency’s. I personally hope this might be a step in the right direction to stop some of the ridicules efforts of some governments and companies.



This is Isak Gerson, He is a philosophy student at the University of Uppsala and the highest spiritual leader of the Kopimist’s.





Isak Gerson

Det missionerade kopimistsamfundet


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