Its official… the Swedes are mad

According to the Swedish site a bunch of radical file sharers are starting their own religion based on the belief that file sharing is sacred and has applied for a official recognition as a congregation by the Swedish government if they get it file sharing might get some protection from the Swedish freedom for religion laws

The group was founded by the 19 year old philosophy student Isak Gerson who believes that Information and it’s free flow is sacred and together with his followers (yes he has a few) they have managed to write up the following commandments that they live by:

  • All knowledge to everyone
  • The quest for knowledge is sacred
  • Spreading of knowledge is sacred
  • The act of copying must be protected
  • The internal value of information is sacred and unimpeachable
  • Both information and all ways to spread such information are sacred values
  • Internet is a redeeming power which gives information it’s rights

According to Gerson the reason for starting such a congregation is that file sharers are harassed by the Swedish government and need protection.

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