Is NSA trying to scare people?

A group of of hackers claiming to be part of Anonymous have posted a threat to take down the basis of Internet on pastebin.

The threat signed “Operation GlobalBlackOut” states that Anonymous are planning on taking down the 13 DNS-root servers on the 31 of March. These servers handle all the DNS name to IP translation for the whole of Internet. If these servers would have been taken down this would result in total chaos online, as all users would have to know the IP address of the sites they were looking for. Let’s explain; now when connecting to our site you just type in the addresses bar in your browser, and and the DNS servers handle the rest, if these servers were down you would probably get a error 404 or some other DNS related error message, and to get to our site you would have to know our IP in this case and type this instead of our usual address.

According to the posted threat this attack would only be temporary but they do not know for how long they will be able to continue the attack. The do this to protest SOPA and all other things they don’t like and probably to show the governments around the world that if they wanted to they could stop internet.

On Anonymous official twitter account “AnonOps” the group deny that they are behind the threat, and and point the finger at the American NSA… Stating that taking down one the very thing they fight to protect would never be a option for them, and therefore it must be an attempt to make normal people that do not understand the basis of what Anonymous stand for think they are nothing but common terrorists.

Check out this video posted by the hacktivist group explaining they’re view on the matter. 




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