Is Backup important?

YES! Backup is just something we think about doing, but never does.. We have all heard stories about people or

companies that encounter massive computer crash where everything has been lost, and there is no way to retrieve it.

We here at have encountered this twice, and yet we didn’t learn after the first time. First time we lost all of our online articles and had to start up from scratch. The second time one of our head staff lost several years of personal photos.

But how do i backup?

It’s easy.. We tested a free online backup service called Mozy.

Mozy is the online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than 3 million customers, 70,000 business users world wide and 70 petabytes of information stored on their servers. Mozy is very secure and has alot of interesting features to use. Home computer users may sign up for a free 2 GB account with the “MozyHome Free” plan, but you can also select a larger account size by signing up with the “MozyHome” plan with 50 GB or 125 GB for only £4.99 per month.

Business backup is also available via the “MozyPro” plan which has customizable licenses and storage space. Both the MozyHome and MozyPro plan provide unlimited restores via your personal web account and the Mozy software (We didn’t try this one but assume it’s a built-in FTP application that is able to sync folders to your online account). They also offer physical DVD restores, and mobile apps for iOS or Android operating systems.

As a home user, the 2 GB free edition would have plenty of space to store the most precious photos. We used the free edition and recommend it as it works GREAT!

Can’t i just buy a external HDD?

Yes, you can always go out and buy a half expensive external USB hard drive and use this as a backup plan (A lot of people do this which is good). But what if there was a fire? or any other accidents in your home?


Wish to give it a try? Just click here, or on the Mozy Logo image. Mozy is also avalible for Apple users.



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