How to solve “This Slideshow Requires JavaScript” in WordPress

wpphpOften when you add a slideshow this normally works.
But if you have a custom made, home made, or payable theme, this error will pop up where the slideshow should have been

So, how do we solve this?

The reason is that the coder of this theme have forgotten to import the “wp_footer” function code into the footer.php file.

Log onto you blog, and go to “Appearance –> Editor”
Locate the footer.php on the right side and click it.
(Make sure your in the correct theme)
Go to the bottom of the file that appears in the editor window.
Just above “</body></HTML>” add the following line

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

It should now look like;

<?php echo stripslashes(get_theme_mod(‘track_code’)); ?>
<!–end: blog tracking–>
<?php } else { ?>
<?php } ?>
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Click “Update File” and go have a look if this solved the problem.


In some rare cases you need to also add the “wp_head” tag, as we noticed that this might cause some problems as well.

Just write it in using the same method, but only on the “header.php” file.

add the following line:

<?php wp_head(); ?>


Hopefully this solves your slideshow problem.


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