How to solve the “Windows 7 Home Security 2013” hoax

Have you suddenly been receiving popups from a Windows 7 Home Security 2013 application, which is preventing you in
opening different applications you click on? If you do, we hope you understand that this is only a hoax.

Should you be one of it’s victims, we have the solution for you to solve the problem. EVEN if it has completely locked
down your computer. A lot of people turns to the easy way out and just format the system and then re-installs it. But this takes a lot of time.

So what to do??

“Lets fight criminals with cyber piracy!”

After all they started it, and want’s to steal money from you by telling you that your healthy computer is infected. It would be the same as walking into a bank and tell them that you come from the money colour inspection company “Deluxe Money Colours” and needs the money they have to inspect the colours.

So what you do is:

First, you need to say that you want to buy the application.
When it asks you for a serial you provide it with this pirated serial:


This will register the product. (It’s like stealing from the thief).

Then you scan the computer with the hoax application and it will partly remove itself. It will at least let you use the computer as normal. We guess that after a while it will start asking you for money again as a “NEW” virus has arrived, and you need to upgrade the application.

So what you do next after it has removed itself is to visit this site as they have explained it very detailed and easy how to remove the rest completely from the system.

We hope this helps you, and stay safe on the internet..

Need to stay safer?

We have listed a few companies that protects you from these kind of attacks, feel free to try them out.


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