How to solve Operation Failed in outlook

Ever got the message “Operation Failed” when you hit the send button i outlook?operation failed
Many have, and many have given up and reinstalled outlook or even better, the whole Office package.
Yes, this looks to solve the problem in most cases, but then again wou will lose all your email.

As this error is far from informative, and there are a lot of things that could cause this one to appear.
We have seen this error occur a lot, and the best solution that has solved this issue in most of our cases, is simply to see if Exchange Cache is enabled. If it is, clear it and restart outlook.

There are many different solutions out there, but this one has given us the highest solved rate.

How you do this is simply by going onto “Account settings” and doubble click on your exchange account.
Here you will see an option called “Cached Exchange mode”. If there is a tic here, remove it and click “apply”.

Hope this solves your problem as well….

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