How to solve 755 permission in WordPress on Windows

folder permission 755Are you one of those people who have received a message from WordPress saying you need to set a specific WordPress folder or temp folder to “755” or “705”?
If you are a Linux user on a Linux system you most likely know what it means, but what if you are a windows user? Doing a quick search online usually gives you the meaning of these numbers or how to use it on the Linux system and different FTP servers.

So what do they mean?

The file mode consists of three digits, and each digits range from 0 to 7. It defines who can access the file. There are three groups of people, each is defined by a digit in the file mode.

The first digit defines the permissions for the owner of the file
The second digit defines the permissions for the people in the same group as the file’s group.
The third digit defines the permissions for everyone else not matter where you come from.

The numbers means:


  • 0 = No rights
  • 1 = Execute
  • 2 = Write Only (rarely used)
  • 4 = Read Only

Combination of the Basic:

  • 3 = Write and Execute (rarely used)
  • 5 = Read and Execute
  • 6 = Read and Write
  • 7 = Read, Write and Execute

So to get 7 you would need 4+2+1 (Read, Write, Execute)
Or better said, fully open for all!

But I’m still a Windows user, this doesn’t help me!

As a windows user you should be careful as there is no such thing (in general) as 755. I have seen some articles online that says you need to add the usergroup “Everyone” to the folder and give it full access. DO NOT ADD THAT GROUP!
If you add that group and give it “Read” and “Modify” basically everyone can go in and add/remove stuff on your website. And we don’t want that to happen, do we!
If you should happen to have that group on the folder, you should either remove it, or make sure it only got read access.

But back to 755 on windows and solving your issue.
If you look at the folder properties, and hit the security tab you should see a group called “Users”. If not, add it and give them read and modify access.
The “Users” group means that only local users registered on the machine/server have access to the folder. Everyone else is blocked out.

This should solve your WordPress problem if it’s running in a windows environment.

Got a better idea? or think this is wrong. Please leave it in the comment field below.

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