How to make FTP open up in Windows Explorer

ftpHow irritating is it when you try to open a FTP site, and windows decides it’s best to open it in the web browser.
All you ever wanted was to just upload those files, and leave. But NO!
As of now, i am not sure why this is set by default.
When you navigate to the FTP address in Explorer path bar, it should have been opened in Explorer.

How to solve this

As allways we have a solution for you.
I know many might be sceptik about downloading Windows Registry files, but please trust us.
Everything you find on this site is here to help or entertain you, not harm you. We take security very serious, and everything you read about here has been tested by us.

But let’s get back to solving the problem.
To get FTP to open up in the Windows Explorer and NOT the web browser, you simply need to download the file at the bottom of this article, and merge it into the Windows Registry.
How you do this is simple.
Save the file to your desktop. Once downloaded, right click on the file and hit “Merge”.merge_reg_file
In some cases Windows User Accout Control asks you to approve this. If so, just click “Yes”.
You should now be prompted with this message. Simply click “Yes” here as well.regfile_confirm

Now tou should recieve this message as a confirmation message. Click “Ok” and do a reboot of your computer.
When rebooted, all of your FTP problems should be gone! (This problem at least..)

Download: ftp.reg

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