How to Fix: Failed to set Event Logging (Citrix)


You try to start your published Citrix app, but receive the error message: Failed to set Event Logging.
When you click “OK” the application continues to load and you will be logged in as normal.
Sometimes you notice that several apps (if you run a full desktop environment) don’t work.

The Solution

To resolve this, you need to find the file called appsrv.ini located in the user profile folder on the computer.


When you find it just delete the file.
During the next login, your client will regenerate a new file with the correct configuration and the error will be gone.

If this still don’t resolve your problem. You might need to access the Citrix server as an Admin and delete the same file on your Citrix Profile.
But hopefully you won’t need to do this.

The Cause

The error occurs if the user’s profile was moved after the Citrix plugin was installed. What happens then is that the log file path in the Users Appsrv.ini is incorrect.
Uninstalling and reinstalling does not resolve the issue..

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