Hard Drive ID number

Does my hard drive have an ID number? Yes, actually it does. This is a hardware ID number that the computer uses to identify your hard drive. For many people this is useless because hey, whats the use of knowing that?. Well many people does.

Well!? What is it then?

In short, the serial number of a (logical) drive is generated every time a drive is formatted. When Windows formats a drive, a drive’s serial number gets calculated using the current date and time and is stored in the drive’s boot sector. Regardless of which operating system you run, the operating system uses this number to separate two or more disks.


Why would someone need to know this number?

You could use the volume serial number to enforce a weak form of application protection. If you create an application, you can make your application refuse to run if the current disk (from where the application is executed) has a volume serial number that is different from the number of the hard disk it was first installed on.

Basically, if your a programmer or a file engineer, these numbers are vital.


We had to use these numbers a couple of times and got tired of searching for them the hard way, so we created an application that finds them for us.

We here at NV.net therefor wish to share this FREE application with our readers just in case there are some of you who really need to know these numbers, or just got curious and want to try it out. This is only a viewer and will not change anything on your computer. It is also a standalone software so you will not need to install this one.

We will try to create an ID changer that will be released  in not to long we hope.


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