Happy new year!


Happy new year and thank you for a great year! We have grown allot this year and seeme to have made a few new returning readers to our site, which we are grateful for.

A word from our admins:

Stian Bjelland (Morbidos): When we first started out we did not expect to grow this fast, in our first brainstorm we predicted to be where we are now after 4-5 years of heavy posting so to see the site become what it is now this fast is really gratifying. I my self had a vision to start this blog just to fill my spare time but it has turned into something bigger in a heartbeat and I believe this is the reason we sometimes struggle to keep the post flowing and follow the latest news. This is something I intend to focus on resolving within the first quarter on 2012 so we can stay ahead. I would like to thank everyone that has helped develop this site and that have contributed to it’s content, be it by writing post, tip us on post ideas or just inspiring us to  do better! Thank you all!



Jan Brekke (Janix): Wish to thank all our readers for still sticking with us even thou the posting sometimes get reduced. I actually never thought that this project would get this big. We hope to be able to bring you more interesting info in 2012, and try to develop a strategy plan on how to accomplish this. Also, I wish to thank the therapy company that sent us our first test product (YES, a therapy company. See our older posts). I hope that we get’s the opportunity in 2012 to deliver more product reviews. Thank you all!



We look forward to another year of writing. We plan to continue to follow up on older posts, and expand our subject list. We also plan on posting more often than we currently do, and are trying to shift things around to make more time for this site. Hopefully we will also be covering a wider aspect to increase our field of knowledge.

Have a happy new year! And we hope to be seeing you in 2012.


Nordic vikings.net Team-

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