Google Play on Kurio 7, tablet for kids


Kurio 7

Have you bought the Android tablet Kurio 7 for your kid just to realize that the Google Play store is not on it but they have substituted it with that awful kurio store… Kinda makes you give it back but you can’t bare to take it away from your kid?

Relax… We will show you how to get it on the kurio using a script that has originated from the kurio support team according to a member of the xda forum…

NB: Not sure if this works on the Kurio 7S.
It looks like some people in the comment field has successfully made it on the 7S, but we haven’t tested this on that version.

First things first, if you for some reason brick your kurio doing this we take no responsibility by reading on and following these steps you accept that you do this at your own risk.

Now that that’s said we can continue… first off go get the USB cable that came with it or use one you have if you have… when connecting the cable to the curio you need to press quite firmly to make it enter properly, took us some time to figure this out as it seems to be in just a bit loose at first and we thought our tab was broken or windows 8 were unable to find it…

The script you need you can find here you’ll need winrar to extract it, get that here unrar the files to a folder and then connect the Kurio to the computer, it will probably tell you that it was unable to install the correct drivers, if you are using windows 7 go into device manager and press update driver then choose to look for drivers in the folder you just unrared the files in and it should install the right ones, if you like us are on a windows 8 machine we recommend you follow these instructions to enable installing unsigned drivers in windows 8 or borrow a friends windows 7 machine.

Once the drivers are installed and the kurio is connected run the .bat file and follow the instructions given, when it reboots the tablet and asks for a encryption key this is usually blank and you just need to press next but if you have set a encryption password in the android settings menu then this is the password… when all is done you will be told if it was successful then the .bat file closes and you are done…all you need to do now is head into the parent area and into android again, then open the Google Play app and create a Google account or use your existing..

If you do not press next within short time of the encryption screen popping up the script might hang, close it, reboot the kurio and restart the script and then pay more attention to what you are doing:D

This article is based on this XDA forum post if you have any problems or issues with this or other android devices we recommended consulting the brilliant minds at XDA the stuff they don’t know ain’t worth knowing…

Then on the tablet enter the parret area and go back to android then enter settings and under Development enable USB debugging and connect the tablet to a windows computer


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