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Google Play on Kurio 7, tablet for kids



Have you bought the Android tablet Kurio 7 for your kid just to realize that the Google Play store is not on it but they have substituted it with that awful kurio store… Kinda makes you give it back but you can’t bare to take it away from your kid?

Relax… We will show you how to get it on the kurio using a script that has originated from the kurio support team according to a member of the xda forum…

NB: Not sure if this works on the Kurio 7S.
It looks like some people in the comment field has successfully made it on the 7S, but we haven’t tested this on that version.

First things first, if you for some reason brick your kurio doing this we take no responsibility by reading on and following these steps you accept that you do this at your own risk.

Now that that’s said we can continue… first off go get the USB cable that came with it or use one you have if you have… when connecting the cable to the curio you need to press quite firmly to make it enter properly, took us some time to figure this out as it seems to be in just a bit loose at first and we thought our tab was broken or windows 8 were unable to find it…

The script you need you can find here you’ll need winrar to extract it, get that here unrar the files to a folder and then connect the Kurio to the computer, it will probably tell you that it was unable to install the correct drivers, if you are using windows 7 go into device manager and press update driver then choose to look for drivers in the folder you just unrared the files in and it should install the right ones, if you like us are on a windows 8 machine we recommend you follow these instructions to enable installing unsigned drivers in windows 8 or borrow a friends windows 7 machine.

Once the drivers are installed and the kurio is connected run the .bat file and follow the instructions given, when it reboots the tablet and asks for a encryption key this is usually blank and you just need to press next but if you have set a encryption password in the android settings menu then this is the password… when all is done you will be told if it was successful then the .bat file closes and you are done…all you need to do now is head into the parent area and into android again, then open the Google Play app and create a Google account or use your existing..

If you do not press next within short time of the encryption screen popping up the script might hang, close it, reboot the kurio and restart the script and then pay more attention to what you are doing:D

This article is based on this XDA forum post if you have any problems or issues with this or other android devices we recommended consulting the brilliant minds at XDA the stuff they don’t know ain’t worth knowing…

Then on the tablet enter the parret area and go back to android then enter settings and under Development enable USB debugging and connect the tablet to a windows computer

46 Responses to “Google Play on Kurio 7, tablet for kids”

  • James:

    Thanks so much.
    I was getting so very frustrated.
    I managed to download and install the gmail app from 1market but it would not open up.
    Now that I have installed google play store it works fine.
    Chrome browser still does not work though – any hints?

  • Nat:

    This is great! I’ve been trying for hours to get Google Play on my son’s Kurio 7. The Kurio Market sucks but now with so many more choices, apps, games, live wallpaper, I play on it more than my 8 year old does. It’s a Kurio for him and an Android tablet for me. I’ve done these steps many times, if anyone is having trouble, you might need to “root” the tablet first. The steps are very much similar to this process.

  • Gaby:

    I have tried for hours to get the Google Play store on the kurio 7 tablet, but it didnt work. Error: “System cannot find the required path”. Whats wrong?

    • Check to see if USB is enabled on the device, this you can check in the parent tab on the kurio interface, or in the android settings menu under USB debug… Also check that the cable is in fact in the kurio, it is extremely hard to get into the port in the kurio for some reason… Hope this helps


  • Andy:

    Hi absolutely brilliant. You also have to ensure USB debugging is enabled in Settings -. Developer Options.


  • austin:

    Seems like this is just for PC users, I’m however on a Mac.
    I’ve been looking for an .apk-file to install from the Kurion itself. Unfortunately, the version I got hold on didn’t work (it crashes upon launch).

    • Just installing the apk is not good enough, that’s like creating a shortcut to a program you haven’t installed… You might have to free your self from the hands off apple to get this to work…

  • Inger:

    Im on a windows XP, and i cant get the winrar to work… Cant install… any advise?

  • Mia:

    Does this not work for the Kurio 7s? i cannot find the usb debugging option

  • Adam:

    The green script finishes and says, “After reboot all is done! Have fun!”…but when I turn on the Kurio, I don’t see the Google Store icon.
    One of the lines in the green script is, “rm failed for /system/bin/su, No such file or directory” …is that a problem?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Martino:

      Hi Adam, I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution? Thanks.

    • Don’t think that is the problem, it just means that the script failed to remove (rm) the directory with the root program in it because t does not exist, this basically means that the script failed to root the device to install the google play store.. Try starting from the top again and make sure you follow all the steps to the letter.. Maby you forgot one or something…

      • Jasmine:

        I too have a 7s. The Developer Options tab is not available. Any suggestions, Stian?

        • try going into the about phone/tablet and touch/press the “build Number” 7 times, in the latest Android this will enable the Dev. options… but I can NOT promise that this script will work on that device!

  • Thank you very very much
    You get a smart relent.
    I try and try every day. But always fail and my kids ask me again and again.
    I couldn’t sleep , I spent 3 weeks to search and I found you post on the Google
    Now that I have installed Google play store it works fine.

  • josh:

    hello i too bought my son a kurio when i go into update device for the kurio i select the install google play bat but it does not do its thing it just says device already updated keep in mind this is a refurbished one do i have to reset the device???? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

    • I’m not entirely sure I understand what you mean, are you sure you have followed all the steps as mentioned in the post? I don’t know if it might be related to it being a rebuilt device as I have never tried any other than the one I got for my daughter..

  • Christian:

    do the script also function on a 7s?

  • Bob Dennis:

    Stian, or anyone else?
    Can you not do this on a Windows Vista platform?

  • Kate:

    Do you know if this method will also work on a Kurio Touch 4s? My 5 year old plays my Android tablet but has requested an iPod for Christmas as she plays one at the babysitters and would like something more portable than my tablet. I’d rather stick with Android if at all possible and I’m thinking the Touch may be a good compromise if I can install the Play Store.

    • I can not say if this works on any other than the original Kurio 7, If you want to get a Android tablet for kids I would personally not go for the kurio, after having this for my 4 year old for a year now I do not recommend the original one, haven’t tried the new ones tho, but I would go for a 7″ Samsung of some sort in stead. My girl choose to use my old Galaxy SII rather than the kurio because it is so slow and she hates the screen lag…

  • mowkaye:

    “If all is successful I will tell you, if not this shell will run forever. Running…” and it does! What can possibly be wrong? The Kurio device is restoring all the files, but in the dos window nothing happens.. Anyone?

  • Anne:

    Does this work for kurio 10s.

  • Silje:

    I followed the instructions above, but NOTHING is happening… The script is running, but it says: “Systemet finner ikke angitt bane”, and nothing is happening on the Kurio screen (no encryption screen, no reboot, nothing…)… Any idea what I’m doing wrong? It’s a Kurio 7S, btw.

  • Kenneth:

    My boy have an Kurio 7S, i’ve tried this procedure on that. But i cannot find the usb debugging option,,,

    When running the script from the pc i get the message “please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now”

    When i run the script from Kurio i get messages that it cannot fine the path…

    En ting til, kjøres google play bat filen fra pc eller kopieres den til kurio?

  • Carrie:


    I just bought a Kurio 7S for my son and I have connected my WIFI but I can not get any websites to come up, I tried the Kurio Store, Yahoo, Bing and Google and all of them said the site is down or has moved???

  • Tom G:

    GREAT!!!!! Thanks!

  • Jessica G:

    Does this work on the kurio touch 4s as well ? I did everything the instructions prompted but it says on google play that my device cannot be found.

  • Lisa:

    Worked perfectly, thank you very much.

  • stacey:

    Ive followed the instructions twice and it doesnt reboot the kurio so i do it myself and still doesnt show, should the files not be put onto the kurio?

  • Mieke:


    I have a problem. The script stops at ‘Daemon started successfuly’.
    What can be the problem?

  • thecaptain:

    the links on this article just take me to a dodgy bitcoin landing page

  • BestMommie:

    kurio 7s
    The Google Play Store has been included in the latest firmware version for our units (Build Number 120a). Please note you may have to complete these steps multiple times to fully update the unit.To update the unit please use the following steps:

    – Go to the HOME SCREEN
    – Click on the All Apps icon (looks like a CIRCLE WITH SIX DOTS IN IT)
    – Open the application labeled UPDATE
    – Press on the ONLINE UPDATE button.
    – Press the DOWNLOAD button.
    – Once downloaded, press the UPDATE NOW button and then UPDATE to begin the update.
    – Kurio will automatically reboot after updating.
    – Please repeat the steps above until you receive the message NO FURTHER UPDATES AVAILABLE.

    You’ll know when you’re on the last update, as it is the largest at around 133mb. Once this update starts it is important to not let the screen turn off or go black, and this can be done by periodically tapping on the screen.

    Thank you,
    Kurio Support

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