Google is supposedly releasing HUD Glasses this year


According to Bits blogger Nick Bilton Google is working on some high tech glasses with built in Heads Up Display or HUD for short. This will allow wearers to access all sorts of information literally right in front of they’re eyes!

According to unnamed sources the users navigate or flip through the info using head movements, these movements are according to Nick’s sources easy to learn. The glasses are supposed to be Android based which might mean they can connect to your Android phone and allow video calls of some sort. The same unnamed sources say the glasses will cost about the same as regular smart phones which translates to about $250-$600 US Dollars and the glasses are said to look somewhat like Oakley’s Thump 2.

The glasses support both 3G and 4G and use a vast variety of sensors like motion and GPS, and will be tapping into allot of Google’s existing products like Latitude for Check-in’s and Google Goggles to search for information. The glasses will have a low resolution camera built-in that will help monitor the world around you and let the Glasses overlay information relative to your location.

We hope we can get our hands on a pair of these when they hit the open market because this sounds to sweet to miss and if they work like we hope they will be a nerd’s “must have”

Source: Bits Blog

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