Google brings us a white christmas

If you type “do a barrel roll” in Google’s search field the whole page will literally do a barrel roll


Now the funny geeks at Google have released a new feature…
SNOW! Yes… snow… just head over too Google and type “let it snow” and see for your self

Fist of it starts to snow and you will notice that your screen seems to freeze like a window in your house

Then after a while your screen freezes completely and you can’t see anything…

Now you can choose to remove all the frost by clicking “Defrost” or you can have some Christmas fun and use your mouse pointer too left click and drag/scrape the frost away like we did

If you do click the “Defrost” button you are still left with just the falling snow, tho the screen will not freeze over again. If you don’t want to close the window to get rid of the snow effect you can type in “stop the snow” this will deactivate the falling snow!


We decided to keep it on for the holidays, It is after all just Christmas once a year!

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