How to Get Free bitcoins with Nordic Vikings

We all want to be part of the modern new currency that everyone is talking about.Get Free Bitcoins
The problem today is that this new coin is very, VERY hard to mine out, and I think most of us also don’t have the equipment to do so either.

But luckily there is other ways to get some of this stable great coin.
(YES it is stable compared to most other failed crypto currencies out there without mentioning any names)

So how to get some?

Well many websites offers free donations \ faucets \ CPC  (Coins per Click)\ Coins for Task \ and so on..
We have taken the time to collect the best places out there to actually get coins. And for those of us who don’t have supreme mining equipment, it sure is faster than mining the coin.
Yes, this is some sort of advertisement for ourselves, but we have done a great deal of work and gone through a lot of donation sites to exclude the the one’s that really don’t give you any good amount of coin.

But what can i do with the small amount?

Hey, keep in mind as we say “You won’t get rich!”
But what you can do with your small collection is to take them to a CryptoExchanger website, and exchange them into other new Crypto Currencies.
With a little logic, you should be able to know which one’s that may rise and which one’s that will crash.
And with a little luck if you play your coins very spot-on you can actually make a few coins in no time.
As an example, we went in with 1 Litecoin. We sold this when the price was high, and exchanged them into DogeCoins. And then just before the Olympics  2014 the DogeCoin community donated $25 000 in dogecoins to the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team, and guess what?! The coin value went sky high!
And guess what. We sold them and got even more bitcoins!

If you don’t believe the Jamaican Bobsleigh story, have a look at the article that “the Guardian” wrote by clicking here

So, what are you waiting for?
Go have a look. It’s only going to take a small minute of your time.
And if you like it, well awesome!
And if you don’t, well thanks for giving it a try.

To access the site we set up, just click the link below, or the fancy logo.

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