Future aircrafts uses human energy to operate

Airbus has started to think about the future. From now on, energy from humans will be harvested from us like batteries and used to power up the aircraft!


Few details revealed

Many might think of the matrix when they read that energy is getting harvested from our bodies to empower the plane. Luckily it’s not as bad as it sounds. Airbus has not revealed many details about how this technology is working, but it sure sounds interesting. Details that has been revealed is that this aircraft will be built with a new type of biomaterial that make use of the excessive heat that we produce. This heat is then collected by the bio material and converted into energy which is stored.

To get maximum absorption of excessive heat, the seats are built with auto-morphing technology to adjust to the human no matter which size he or she might be. What kind of material this is remains a secret for now, but what we do know for sure is that this is some sort of smart biomaterial. We pick a wild guess that it’s made with good help from nano technology.


The Aircraft

The aircraft is divided into three zones.

Smart Tech Zone is the zone at the back of the plane. This one almost looks like the one we have today but only with modern technology like auto-morphing bio material seats.

Zone two is the Interaction Zone, and is found in the middle section of the plane. This zone is buildt in with hologram technology and will help the passengers to relax and kill flight time.

The last zone is the Vitalizing Zone, and is located in the front of the aircraft. This zone has smart seat technology and might give the passenger body treatments like massage and other simple spa treatments. It is also built with surface morphing technology that we also guess is nano technology based. This surface morphing technology will be able to turn the roof and walls transparent to give the passenger a feeling of freedom and a nice panorama view. Looks like this zone might end up to be the new “First class”.

As off today any ticket price is yet to be revealed..

Since Airbus keeps on holding back information on this, Nordic Vikings will keep tracking this story and bring you any updates as they get announced by Airbus. In the mean time, have a look at the promotion video that has been released from Airbus.




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